Many of our customers are repeat offenders!
e.g. they have experienced soft water either on holiday, at friends or family houses, or have owned one before and they love the luxurious benefits. Water Softeners are a lifestyle choice and a necessity if you live in a hard water area. The main benefits that a water softener provide include:-

Clean Bathrooms, shower glass,
   sanitary ware and taps
Super soft clothes and laundry
Soft Water reduces soap, shower gel,
   shampoo use with beneficial effects on    Eczema or dry skin sufferers
Protected and extended appliance life;
   Including Boilers & plumbing systems,
Washing Machines, Dishwashers etc.
Significantly reduced Chemical,
   cleaning products and Shampoo,
   washing powder consumption
Easy clean, spot free finish on your car!
Fact: Water Softeners are used in most
   hotels located in hard water area's.
If you are a consumer of bottled water or wish to have better quality water on tap for drinking and cooking with, there are a number of options and levels of quality that can be attained directly in your own home. Whilst most domestic water supplies in the U.K. are to a high quality standard, the water is treated with lots of processes and chemicals before it travels through significant distances of pipe work to then exit out of your tap.

Our basic Drinking Water systems remove organic matter and solids and the artificial Chlorine taste & odour (bleach type smell) from your water.

The more advanced systems use
Reverse Osmosis to remove up to 95% of the impurities and artificial additives from your water, Including:- heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidia and without ultra violet technologies or large space consuming systems. All our systems are compact and designed with the modern home or business in mind and can be provided via a dedicated (separate) Tap or via what is commonly known as a tri-flow tap, combining your normal hot and cold and filtered water.
Ashwell Water may not offer the cheapest products on the market but we DO represent excellent whole life value, quality, reliability and overall performance in the products that we offer to our customers. Quality brands Include: EcoWater, Kinetico, AWS (own Brand), Autotrol, Fleck, Waterboss, Harvey and many more....

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